Privilege Athens’ cocktail list was curated by the team of Lost + Found from Nicosia, known for its worldwide acclaim. The concept is “90s with a twist“. Famous titles of our favorite ’90s cocktails change ingredients and aromas while retaining their distinct flavor characters.


Gentleman Fizz
Bombay Gin with a hint of lime, heavy cream, egg white & Gentleman’s Soda
Jasmine Bubbles
Vodka along with jasmine syrup, topped up with Pink Grapefruit Soda
Athenian Mai Tai
Dark Cave (aged Tsipouro), orgeat syrup, hint of lime, dashes of Ouzo & Cherry Soda
Crafted Iced Tea
Pisco Barsol, Zacapa 23, Bombay Gin, Mezcal & Cointreau, mixed with Spicy Cola & a dash of Angostura
Privilege Club
Vodka Raspberry, lemon syrup & watermelon water
Pink Negroni
Bombay Gin & Campari, mixed with Otto’s Vermouth, Martini Rosso & Pink Grapefruit Soda
Med Gimlet
Upperhand Gin paired with mandarin, basil fragrance & Gentleman’s Soda
Banana Split
Zacapa 23 with Giffard Banana do Brazil & Demerara syrup, topped up by dashes of chocolate bitters
Dama Blanca
Diplomatico Planas Rum with handmade banana syrup, almond milk & tonka extracts
Pure Collada
Blend of spicy Jamaican Rums, coconut milk, handmade cinnamon syrup & pineapple